How do I clean the pre-filter of LifeStraw Max?

If your water is clear, we recommend cleaning the pre-filter weekly with regular use. If your water is cloudy you may need to clean the pre-filter more frequently

Make sure water source is turned off

Set dials – close drinking water dial to close, then turn dark gray backwash dial to position 1

Remove pre-filter lid and pull of pre-filter by twisting off the blue lid and taking out the stacked pre-filter inside by pulling up vertically CLOSE UP OF REMOVING LID AND PULLING OUT PRE-FILTER

Disassemble pre-filter by unscrewing the black pre-filter cap to access the 3 internal mesh prefilters that are stacked inside of one another

Clean all parts with a soft plastic bristle brush. Do not use soap since this could clog the prefilter

Reassemble pre-filter by placing the 3 mesh filters inside of one another and screwing back on the black cap. Insert into pre-filter housing until the bottom is in place and screw the light blue lid on tightly. "

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