How should I store LifeStraw Max?


Before storage:
Make sure water source is turned off and the blue drinking dial is in close position
Disconnect source water hose
Clear any debris from the pre-filter
Remove carbon block from light gray filter housing and set aside to dry
Place in sealed bag once dry – this will preserve the longevity of the filter
Keep filter housing inside the Max with cap reattached
Remove light blue membrane ultrafilter set from Max and store in a cool, dry place

During storage:
Make sure to store in normal conditions while not in use – keep away from direct sunlight and extremely high or freezing temperatures for extended periods of time. If the filters freeze, they must be replaced before using your Max again.

After storage:
Reassemble carbon filter by interesting the carbon block. Make sure black o-ring is on top
Reassemble membrane ultrafilter set by inserting each cartridge. Make sure bottom and side connectors are inserted firmly into their respective fittings
Perform backwash procedure to clear out any dust and debris."

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