How do I run the backwash procedure for LifeStraw Max?

Regular backwashing flushes out contaminants from filter cartridges and helps to maintain flow rate

When to backwash:

Once a day or when you see a reduction in flow rate

After pre-filter cleaning

After any cartridge or filter replacement

After long periods of non-use

Turn on water source (hose) and turn blue dial to open position

Rotate gray backwash dial to each position for 30 seconds

Switch the dark gray backwash dial to position 1 and wait 30 seconds. Then turn it to position 2, wait 30 seconds, and continue to do so until reaching position 0

NOTE: Once you begin the backwash process, water will stop flowing from the tap. This is normal. During different rotations, water will flow out of the backwash hose. Once the dial is returned to position 0, water will resume flowing from the tap.

Let water flow from tap for up to 2 minutes and discard while in position 0

Discard first batch of water

If water is very muddy OR if you notice a sweet taste after performing the backwash procedure, cycle through again

Ready to use  -Make sure backwash dial is in position 0 and drinking dial is switched open. Simply turn the drinking water dial to close position when finished using. "

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