Do you have products that remove PFAS (PFAO/PFOS)?

Yes! Our LifeStraw Home line includes some of the most effective products to combat PFAS; our dual filtration technology combines membrane microfiltration with activated carbon and advanced ion exchange technology to remove PFOA and PFOS from water AND meets the National Sanitation Foundation's (NSF) P473 standards for reduction. 

To add more background on these "forever chemicals", PFAS are a group of man-made chemicals that cause adverse human health effects and contaminate water supplies. To make matters worse, PFAS are stubborn chemicals; rather than degrading, they accumulate within the environment over time. PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid) and PFOS (perfluorooctane sulfonate) are the two most commonly produced PFAS worldwide.  

Exposure to PFOA and PFOS may result in negative health effects. Some identified by the EPA include the following: 

  • Developmental effects during pregnancy 
  • Testicular or kidney cancer 
  • Liver damage
  • Immune effects (antibody production and immunity)
  • Thyroid and cholesterol changes

For more information about PFAS and additional resources, don't forget to check out our blog article here.

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