Can LifeStraw products protect against cyanotoxins (cyanobacteria)?

Cyanobacteria is a blue-green algae commonly found in freshwater systems. Cyanotoxins occur when an algal spore ruptures. LifeStraw hollow fiber membrane filters (included in all LifeStraw products) remove algae from the water, which will remove intercellular toxins inside an algal spore.

But, to get the broadest range of protection, the carbon filters in select LifeStraw products with 2-stage filtration can absorb and reduce 80-85% of the remaining excreted extracellular toxins from the spore ruptures.

The following LifeStraw products contain carbon filters in addition to hollow fiber membrane filters: LifeStraw Universal, LifeStraw Go with 2-stage filtration, LifeStraw Flex, LifeStraw Flex w/ Gravity Bag LifeStraw Play, and LifeStraw Home water filter pitcher.  

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