Unlike some programs which involve a charitable donation or partnership with outside organizations, LifeStraw Follow the Liters is a self-sustaining program that is implemented by Vestergaard, the same company that makes LifeStraw products. 

Also, the same quality of LifeStraw technology that is used for our travel and outdoor purifier products is used (in a larger product- LifeStraw Community) in the Follow the Liters school programs in developing countries. 

This way you know that the contribution goes directly to the school program and the same quality and reliability of the LifeStraw products that you love are the same that is being provided to students. We ensure transparency in the program by providing all the information about the is being provided to the student in the program. Program progress can be tracked on www.followtheliters.com

Every year, LifeStraw users join us for the Follow the Liters distribution of new LifeStraw Community purifiers to new schools! Follow us on social media to find out how to join us!

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