LifeStraw has always tested our products to perform in the harshest conditions. Prior to 2018, we tested our products against extremely muddy and opaque water that is not reflective of normal use cases and took a conservative approach by claiming 1,000 liter longevity.

In 2018 LifeStraw products went through a round of testing on the longevity of its membrane microfilter technology based on water that is representative of the product use case. This testing was also better aligned with other water filter products in the industry. This new round of testing demonstrated that the filter in LifeStraw, LifeStraw Go water filter bottle, and LifeStraw Universal lasts up to 4,000 liters with recommended maintenance.

After this new longevity testing was completed, the longevity claims in product copy and packaging were updated to 4,000 liters. However, some packaging still remains that was printed prior to the change that states the old claim. Regardless of the statement on packaging, ALL of these products since their initial launch, do last for 4,000 liters. It is the testing that changed and allowed us to adjust our claim, there was no change in the actual technology in use.

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