The LifeStraw team evaluates every emergency individually to determine the need for safe water and our ability to respond quickly and appropriately with the right technology.  When we make the decision to respond to an emergency based on an initial needs assessment, we commit to having staff or partners on the ground within the first 72 hours when possible. 

LifeStraw has an active Safe Water Fund for emergency relief where we raise funds proactively and then use those funds to emergently deploy LifeStraw products during times of disasters.  When LifeStraw teams are active in responding to disasters, we also create a separate fund for that disaster and actively post updates about our work. 

During emergency situations and disasters, LifeStraw also offers products to other humanitarian partners at significantly discounted humanitarian rates and helps to coordinate logistics with other partners seeking to donate products or funds.  If you would like to inquire about purchasing products for disasters or partnering for emergency relief, please email

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