If you are using your LifeStraw for the first time or when the filter is completely dry, it takes a little longer to prime the filter. 

If the straw seems "clogged", we recommend holding your LifeStraw vertically in warm water, with the water about half way up the filter, for 30 seconds before using. 

This will help get the membranes moist and make it easier to pull water through. Make sure you keep the mouthpiece dry so it doesn’t become contaminated.

If this does not work, there is a possibility that bio-film has collected in the filter and it would need a more thorough cleaning. To achieve this cleaning, mix a few drops of bleach into a container of safe water. Submerge your filter into this water, cover the container, shake it up and let it soak overnight. 

The next day, rinse it thoroughly with safe water to get rid of the chlorine residue, while back washing the filter and try to use it again. 

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